Augusta Helicopter

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Augusta Helicopter Specifications:

Manufacturer:2010 Agusta Westland
Model: AW139
Airframe:1349 hrs
Engines:Pratt & Whitney PT6C-67C
Numbers of Seats:Number of Seats: 8 (VIP) + 2 crew & 12 (standard seats)+ 2 crew (both incl with aircraft)(Seat track system fitted which potentially allows up to 15 seats)
This is an excellent condition, low hours Agusta AW139 VIP helicopter, with two configurations included: 8 VIP seats and 12 standard passenger seats, plus a Goodridge Hoist fitted. Always hangered and maintained to highest standards. Broker protected.
AW139 provides the best power reserve of any helicopter in the medium twin-engine class. The 5-bladed main rotor, delivers high cruise speed at all weights even in demanding conditions. It delivers an outstanding power to weight ratio, which allows Category “A” performance capabilities with no limitations in a wide range of operating conditions including ‘hot and high’.


Hoist hrs:04:21
Hoist liftst:38


Two Pratt & Whitney PT6C-67C Engines
Total Time:1349(left),1349(right)


Max Speed:310km/h | 193mph
Range:1250km | 675nm
Service Ceiling:6096m | 20000ft
Rate of climb:10.9m/sec | 2140ft/min


Max takeoff:6800kg
Max landing:6800kg
Max zero fuel:5130kg

Avionics | Equipment

5 Displays including 2 PFD and 2 MFD display units
Honeywell ADF, AHRS, ILS (LOC, Glideslope, Marker), DME, VOR, Dual FDS, Transponders, GPS module with FPMS
Weather radar Primus 660
FMS with phase 5 upgrade
4 Axis DAFCS with enhanced Hover Mode
Two Cabin Fire Extinguishers
Dual Radio Altimeters
Moving map Euronav V display

Optional Equipment

Goodrich Hoist (Winch) equipped
Fitted with Auxiliary Tank – maximum fuel of 1670 Kgs can be filled
Super Silent Soundproofing system
Enhanced Vision System
HUMS Provision equipped
Mast Vibration Absorber


Overall white with blue, gold, red and green design.Interior
8+2(VIP) and 12+2 (Standard) seating capacity
Height Adjustable Pilot Seats
Pilot Door with push out emergency exit window
Floor provision for 15 seats configuration
Air ventilation System
Cockpit Panel Sun glare Shields
Passenger seating is presented with gray leather seats, with navy blue seat belts
Navy blue carpets with floor protectors
Crew seats (2) are also presented in gray leather to compliment the passenger cabin

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