Bentley S3 Convertible

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November 2, 2016
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November 16, 2016
Bentley S3 Convertible

Mega Engineering Vehicle will design and engineer your classic 4-door Bentley S3 to a 2-door Bentley S3 Convertible.

Mega Engineering Vehicle distributes the Bentley S3 convertible throughout the world.

Bentley S3 Convertible

Bentley S3 Convertible Specifications

By Alan Woods
June 30,2016

The S3 is a four-door luxury car produced by Bentley from late 1962 until 1965. S3 convertible the true to the tradition of Classic Luxury, you are treated to a majestic experience currently unrivaled by any other
Classic Automobile in an environment of the utmost classic luxury and exquisite style. Mega Engineering Vehicle will make it possible the transformation from legendary S3 sedan into a Bentley S3 convertible.
The S3 was very similar to the S2.


The most-visible difference was a four-headlamp layout that paved the way for the radically new Bentley T1 in 1965.
The interior was modified with individual seats for front passengers and increased leg room in the rear. The 6.2 L (6230 cc/380 in³) V8 engine continued with minor modifications. The power steering was also improved. Mega Engineering Vehicle has revived a long forgotten tradition. Bentley S3 convertible be handcrafted in USA,CA in keeping with the same high standards as other automobile legends in the 1920s and 1930s.


Talented craftsmen built individual masterpieces which reflected the client’s wishes in every small detail.And that’s not because you’re
getting old and boring;far from it. After all, when Mega unveiled its take on the Bentley S3 it was something of a revelation; gone were the normal S3’s subtle and whisper smooth lines; in came sharper detailing, chrome flourishes, fins and – most controversially – those slanted quad headlamps. When launched in the early Sixties, it proved popular with a younger, more international clientele – proof that this Bentley’s appeal transcends age barriers. MEV distributes the Bentley S3 convertible throughout the world.

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