Ferrari 599 GTB Convertible

Ferrari Testarossa Convertible
Ferrari Testarossa Convertible
October 30, 2016
Mercedes G63 Convertible
Mercedes G63 Convertible
November 2, 2016
Ferrari 599 GTB Convertible

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“Example of conversion done to client’s Ferrari”
Mega Engineering Vehicles – MEGA will Engineer your Ferrari 599 GTB to a Ferrari 599 GTB Convertible.

Ferrari 599 GTB Convertible

Ferrari 599 GTB Convertible

By David Kent

Mega Engineering Vehicle is expected to unveil the Ferrari 599 GTB Convertible at the Pebble Beach in 2015.
An open Ferrari is among the classic dream cars, especially when it’s powered by a high-revving V-12, and the iconic
Mega Engineering Vehicle is about to launch With MEV’s Ferrari Ferrari 599 GTB convertible, MEV has re-enlivened the
great art of building majestic open-top automobile. Romance close to the heart of nature is harmoniously combined with the
ultimate in comfort and technological sophistication.

Ferrari 599 GTB Convertible

MEV will unveil “Ferrari 599 GTB Convertible” at Pebble Beach this year.

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