Ferrari Superamerica

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November 29, 2016
Armored Luxury Vehicles Brochure
Armored Luxury Vehicles Brochure
November 30, 2016
Ferrari Superamerica

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Mega Engineering Vehicle will Design & Engineer your Ferrari 575M Maranello to a convertible Ferrari Superamerica!
Mega Engineering Vehicle rolls out it’s own version of convertible Ferrari Superamerica.

Ferrari Superamerica

By Roger Davis
June 30,2016

Ferrari Superamerica by Mega Engineering Vehicle has delivered a majestic open-top automobile.
Superamerica Romance close to the heart of nature is harmoniously combined with the ultimate in
comfort and technological sophistication.
The most luxurious sport car, Ferrari convertible.

The Superamerica is based on the 575M coupe, and to maintain body rigidity with the roof open, the side sills, the center chassis tunnel,
and the A-pillars have been reinforced. Rear buttresses were also added, and the rear bulkhead and transaxle area were
strengthened and braced.
The 575M computer-controlled suspension is standard on the Superamerica.


It has two modes, comfort and sport.
The computer uses signals from six accelerometers to read the road surface and adjusts the shocks to maximize ride or handling.

With the top up, the Superamerica has the smooth ride and sporty handling of the 575M. With the top down,
we did sense a little body quiver over large irregularities,Majestic open-air experience with the
ultimate in luxury and comfort.

Mega Engineering Vehicle has re-enlivened the great art of building majestic open-top automobile. Ferrari convertible an environment
of the utmost luxury and exquisite style.


The Ferrari Superamerica used the higher-output tune of the V-12 engine, rated at 533 hp (397 kW; 540 PS) and Ferrari
marketed Ferrari convertible as the world’s fastest convertible, with a top speed of 199 mph (320 km/h).

The GTC handling package was optional.
A total of 559 Ferrari convertible were built; this number followed Enzo Ferrari‘s philosophy that there should always be one
fewer car available than what the market demanded.

The rear window stays in place and with the roof open works as a wind blocker. All the driver has to do is release a catch on the
windshield header and hit a switch on the center console. The entire operation, up or down, takes about 10 seconds.
Ferrari calls the glass roof Revocromico: It revolves, and the amount of tinting in the panel is variable.


The glass has sheets of electrochromic film layered in it that alter their transparency according to the amount of electrical
current running through them. A knob on the center console allows for five different levels of light transmission, from an almost clear
light blue to a very dark blue.

It takes just 60 seconds to go from the lightest to darkest setting, and even at the darkest setting the panel is not completely
opaque-you can always see the sun through it.

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