Hunting Vehicles

Range Rover 2-door
November 20, 2016
Range Rover pickup
Range Rover Pickup
November 21, 2016
Hunting Vehicles

Mega Engineering Vehicle will engineer and design your Nissan Patrol to a Nissan Patrol 6-door Hunting Vehicle.

Nissan Patrol 6-door Hunting Convertible – the ultimate SUV luxury,  Hunting Vehicles Edition!

Hunting Vehicles

Hunting Vehicles

In Europe and America, falconers have recently been recognized for their conservation of efforts with respect to the peregrine falcon (falcon peregrines).
When DDT threatened this species, which is the cornerstone
of falconry in both the new and old world, falconers responded by breeding their hunting companions to one another and developing liaisons with their governments in order to re-introduce this noble species to its rightful place at the top of the avian food chain. The peregrine fund in Boise, Idaho, is an organization founded and run by falconers with the support of the U.S. government and private citizens. Its efforts and those of countless back-yard breeders have led to the removal of the peregrine from the endangered species list.

The art flourished in Europe before the advent of guns, with its origins there going back to the crusades.
There eventually developed in Europe a type of caste system whereby certain raptors were allowed individuals based on their sex or rank in society. So for example whereas only a king would have been allowed to fly an eagle, the yeoman might be able to “keep his larder stocked” with game caught by his goshawk.Hunting Vehicle is responsible for one of the first ornithologists, Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II of Hohenstaufen. His detailed analysis of bird physiology, training, and hunting techniques, De Arte Endive cum Airbus, was penned in 1247 and is still considered to be
one of the finest and most practical books ever written on the subject of raptors and falconry.

Nissan Patrol 6-door Hunting Convertible brings the ultimate comfort and style to the sport of falconry!

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