Maybach Landaulet

6-Door Sedan
November 27, 2016
Bentley Bentayga 6X6
Bentley Bentayga 6X6
November 28, 2016
Maybach Landaulet

Mega Engineering Vehicle will engineer your Maybach to a Maybach Landaulet.

Mega Engineering Vehicle rolls out it’s own version of the most exclusive luxury, the Maybach Landaulet!

Maybach Landaulet

Maybach Landaulet Specifications

Majestic open-air experience with the ultimate in luxury and comfort
With MEV’s an open-top custom convertible Landaulet, MEV has re-enlivened the great art of building majestic open-top automobile.
True to the tradition of exclusive Landaulets, the roof can be opened fully at the rear, while the chauffeur’s compartment remains completely enclosed.
Romance close to the heart of nature is harmoniously combined with the ultimate in comfort and technological sophistication.

With this unique open-top, Mega Engineering Vehicle is once again demonstrating its expertise in building the world’s most exclusive
luxury custom convertible open-top car. The roof opens hydraulically and is gently deposited on the parcel shelf in the rear, together with its integral rear window of glass.

The features of this luxury: a navigation system with voice recognition; air conditioning with four-zone climate controls; power rear sunshade.


Rear-seat DVD entertainment system; interior air filter; front and rear seat massage; 21-speaker premium sound system; power tilt/telescopic heated wood/leather-wrapped steering wheel with radio and climate controls; power trunk open/close; voice-activated AM/FM radio with 6-disc CD changer; keyless start; heated front and rear seats; cooled front seats; adaptive cruise control; premium leather upholstery; 18-way power front seats; 14-way power rear seats; heated cupholders; rearview camera;
iPod adapter; wireless cell phone link; outside-temperature indicator; universal garage door opener.

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