Mercedes G63 Mega

Nissan GTR Convertible
November 21, 2016
Mercedes g55 2 door
Mercedes G55 2-door
November 23, 2016
Mercedes G63 Mega

Mega Engineering Vehicles will design and engineer your Mercedes G63 to a Mercedes G63 Mega Special Edition.

Mercedes G63 Mega

Mercedes G63 Mega Specifications

Even in a world with no shortage of ridiculousness, the Mercedes G Mega by Mega, a three-ton military vehicle crammed to overflowing with a 621-hp V-12 and quilted leather, stands tall as an exemplar of absurdity.
Give Mercedes its due for this accomplishment. What other entity could muster the resolve to produce a consumer product quite so insane? If Chrysler decided to cram a Hellcat V-8 into the nose of a Wrangler, well, that might come close. But even Chrysler, which once produced the Plymouth Prowler, isn’t quite that nuts. The other car companies aren’t even in the game.


In fact, the Mercedes G Mega only real competition for the title of “Most Absurd of All the Vehicles” are other versions of the G-class. G 2 door, G long base and g63 6X6 , anyone?Bizarre as this stick-axle, flat-windshield nuclear brick may be, it is a vehicle that does actually exist, one that has been for sale in other markets (notably China, the Middle East, and Russia) for a few years already. There are hundreds of these things elephant-dancing around the world right now. It has proven relatively popular where sold, even if sometimes it appeals to those for whom traffic is an inconvenience as well as an occupation.


Somehow, it’s only now that America’s Centurion Card superusers are getting the chance to plop down a probably depressingly small amount of their wealth on this, the most exclusive Mercedes troop carrier.
We’ll leave it to your aesthetic leanings to decide whether the “highly polished” 21-inch wheels are tasteful. They are wrapped with 295/40 Continental Cross-contact ultra-high-performance all-season tires. These might be simultaneously the most over-stressed and under stressed tires on any passenger vehicle in the world.

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