Mustang Shelby Convertible

Zimmer Convertible
October 2, 2016
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Mercedes SE convertible
October 25, 2016
Mustang Shelby Convertible

Megaev Luxury will design and engineer your Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 to a Ford Mustang Shelby Convertible GT350. 

The ultimate American muscle car – Ford Mustang Shelby Convertible by

Megaev Luxury is currently the only US coach builder that designs, engineers and distributes the Ford Mustang Shelby GT350  Convertibles throughout the world.
Megaev luxury is an original design manufacturer(ODM) that designs and engineers authentic convertible tops on all brands of automobiles.
Mustang Shelby convertible
Say goodbye to the Ford Mustang Shelby Convertible GT500 . The new top-tier Mustang will be called the Ford Mustang Shelby Convertible GT350, and it will pack a Coyote-derived naturally aspirated V8 engine under its hood scoop. We can clearly see a massive air intake beneath the scant cladding. Designers gave the car a new side sill and a tweaked rear exhaust treatment, as well, though keep in mind that all these details could change by the time the car hits show rooms.
When will that be, exactly? This is a 2016 model, so expect to see the final version debut in April and go on sale later this year. Word has it the FGT350 won’t be as powerful as the 662-hp GT500, but it will likely be lighter and thus quicker. We can’t wait to find out. Check out the spy shots for a closer look.

1965 Ford Mustang Shelby Convertible GT350 – A Racer’s Racer

Former Indy Car champion Bobby Rahal tracked down and restored a first-year example of the Shelby GT 350
By Donald Farr, Photography by Al Rogers
“It’s more of a race  than a street car,” says Bobby Rahal when explaining his reasons for tracking down and restoring a 1965 Shelby GT 350. “The whole idea was to homologate it for racing and it was built with that in mind. Obviously, Shelby was successful at that.”
Racing and race  are not foreign concepts to Rahal, who drove to Indy Car championships in 1986, 1987, and 1992. He also won the Indianapolis 500 as both a driver (1986) and team owner (2004). At 61, Rahal is now retired from racing and spends much of his time overseeing his Bobby Rahal Automotive Group chain of new-car dealerships in Pennsylvania.
  • 65-shelby-GT350-Red-Rear
  • 65-shelby-GT350-Red-front-1024x768
  • 65-shelby-GT350-Red-rearTd2 (1)
  • 65-shelby-GT350-Red-front-Td1
  • 65-shelby-GT350-Red-Tu1
  • 65-shelby-GT350-Red-front-Td2
  • 65-shelby-GT350-blk-frontTd1
  • 65-shelby-GT350-gray-front-Td1
  • 65-shelby-GT350-Red-Tu1

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