Range Rover Convertible

Maybach Coupe
Maybach Coupe
November 24, 2016
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Mercedes G63 AMG 6X6
November 25, 2016

Mega Engineering Vehicle will engineer your Range Rover Vogue/Autobiography to a Range Rover Convertible.

Range Rover Convertible

Range Rover Convertible

By Alan Woods

The idea of a luxury convertible SUVs attractive enough that Mega Engineering Vehicle creates luxury SUV just like their latest creation of the Range Rover Convertible. It is the most luxurious ways to enjoy open air to cruise and shopping.
Mega Engineering does it only on selected Luxury vehicles.

If you’re in the market for a convertible Range Rover convertible, you don’t necessarily need to wait for Land Rover. At Mega Engineering Vehicle the most demanding customer wishes for individual automobiles will be fulfilled by highly skilled American coach-builders.

Talented craftsmen built individual masterpieces which reflected the client’s wishes in every small detail.
State-of-the art technology, premium-quality materials and supreme comfort are expressions of the “Excellence refined” philosophy and justify the position of leader in the automobile premium segment.


The latest incarnation of Range Rover’s acclaimed Terrain Response system was also included offering sport and Eco modes in addition to the existing grass, gravel, snow, and sand modes. Typical Range Rover design traits aim at improving off-road performance included a prominent driving position, hill descent control, and useful approach and departure angles.

A Range Rover first was an air intake system integrated into the roof which offered exceptional wading capabilities though this feature did not make it to the production model.Range Rover styling was visually apparent in the form of the clam shell bonnet, the ‘floating’ roof, dual-pocket headlamps, and raked roof line.

Not so fast. The convertiblised Range Rover weighs a preposterous 1967kg, almost 300kg more than the coupe. That means its already lethargic diesel now feels about as potent as a camping generator, the car requiring 10.3 finger drumming seconds to reach 62mph.


The vehicle data which was presented to the driver through a ‘floating’ three dimensional LCD display.
An aluminum center console with an iPhone docking station stretched the length of the cabin, separating the four seats and the tailgate.
Seats with open frameworks were used to give the impression of an airy interior while also creating useful under seat and under-floor stowage areas.

Electric custom convertible motors folded the rear seats forward providing enough room for two mountain bikes to be fitted upright, with front wheels removed and stored in dedicated custom convertible slots in the floor.

That extra weight affects the handling too: any attempt to drive quickly turns into a mess of understeer and unchecked body movement, despite its initially eager responses

That’s a shame because Range Rover has done an excellent job with the roof. It was never meant to be a cabrio but the engineering team has managed to retain much of the standard hardtop body’s stiffness, with only the occasional tremor from the rear-view mirror hinting at wobble.

With the roof up the custom convertible is so quiet that you could easily believe you were in a coupe version – and there’s plenty of space on offer for four adults. In normal driving it feels surprisingly keen to change direction and the diesel can manage almost 50mpg.

If you want more performance at the expense of that economy there’s a 237bhp turbocharged petrol version, although we haven’t had the chance to drive it yet.

For the people currently waving chequebooks at Land Rover dealers for a space on the waiting list, those qualities count.
The fact that no one else really makes anything like it also bears heavily in its favour, and compensates somewhat for its lack of speed and handling precision.

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  • Range-Rover-6K-TD1-NB-Rear
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