Range Rover Pickup

Hunting Vehicles
Hunting Vehicles
November 20, 2016
Tesla S 2 door Convertible
Tesla S 2-door Convertible
November 21, 2016
Range Rover pickup

Mega Engineering Vehicles will engineer your Range Rover Vogue/ Autobiography to a Range Rover Pickup.

Mega Engineering Vehicles has unveiled a modified Range Rover Pickup. The most exclusive pickup worldwide.

Range Rover pickup

Range Rover Pickup

Mega Engineering Vehicles introduces its own new version of Range Rover Pickup to the market.
The pickup segment is very strong and promising in all the American continent (North, Central and South). The main difference between these continents it’s the size and style of the pickups sold in each one.
The North American market it is characterized for its big and robust models such as the Dodge Ram and Ford Super Duty.  But the Latin American market has been always a mixture between the North American size and the European style, giving more room for the development of midsize pickups used for private purposes such as the Volkswagen Amarok and Toyota Hilux.
It is of common knowledge that Land Rover is a Brand that has triumphed in the development of Luxurious Utilitarian vehicles for private use over the years. And such as all the other big car manufacturers in the world, Land Rover is showing a big interest in increasing its model range and sales in Latin America thanks to the development of its new factories in Brazil and Mexico.
This project aims to take advantage of the global product expansion strategy of Land Rover and also benefit from its success in the latest Range Rover models, introducing a new and stylish midsize pickup that its very innovative thanks to its English styling identity and values.
This new pickup could be a strong competitor for the rest of the midsize pickups manufactured and sold in Latin America.
It’s powered by a 5.0-litre supercharged V8 with 519bhp. The 0-62mph sprint is said to be cracked in 5.3sec and it has a top speed of 155mph.
With 23-inch forged alloy wheels, a muscular bumper design and a carbonfibre bodykit.

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