Nissan GTR Convertible

Tesla S 2 door Convertible
Tesla S 2-door Convertible
November 21, 2016
Mercedes G63 Mega
Mercedes G63 Mega
November 22, 2016

Mega Engineering Vehicle will engineer your Nissan GTR to a Nissan GTR Convertible.Nissan GTR Convertible

Nissan GTR Convertible Specifications And Features

Nissan GTR convertible will be a limited edition conversion.
The three designs probably refer to a dual hump behind the driver and passenger, a fixed roll bar and a simpler design without the roll bar. Needless to say, turning the GT-R into a convertible will add some weight which is certainly not what you would want from an already heavy supercar but on the other hand the Nissan GTR Convertible will be an even more eye-grabber.
A fast vehicle like the GT-R will require a lot of work to ensure the vehicle is strong enough to withstand its sheer power and speed, a mission that would be only for Hi- Tech company like Mega Engineering Vehicle.One such bespoke GT-R convertible model could come straight from Mega Engineering Vehicle, who spends a lot of time engineering Hi-Tech vehicles. it’s a virtual representation of this Japanese supercar as a convertible.
The GT-R has traditionally let itself down here. To be fair, Nissan has tried to make it a bit more bespoke and special, but you need more than blue lighting in the rev counter to take on a Porsche or AMG Merc. Alongside these, the GT-R feels a bit like a boosted average coupe rather than something bespoke. There’s a large screen in the centre of the dash that should keep techheads happy, though: you can measure and record pretty much everything, from laptimes to lateral g, acceleration, any temperature you care to mention, yaw, pitch, boost pressure, speed, distance, the colour of your underpants. OK, so the last one was a lie, but you get the picture.
Nissan’s unlikely to add a convertible for its R35 GT-R, nor on future versions for that matter, but you can still have one if you’re a current GT-R owner and drop-top driving is a must.Powered by a front-mounted 3.8-litre twin-turbo V6 engine, the GTR Convertible is expected to belt out the same power as the coupe, 404kW and 628Nm of torque. In Australia the Nissan GT-R coupe starts at $172,000, and is paired to six-speed dual-clutch gearbox.

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